Corporate Identity

Visual identity that makes an impression

Your identity is everything

Branding, corporate identity, logo design and image applications

You decide how you want your company to be seen by your customers; that’s why we offer services for brand creation and corporate identity of your company. We take your ideas and conceptualize them into in forms, colors and typographies; everything your company represents.

Everything you can imagine, we will bring it together to a final product. We create the necessary tools that would help to show your company´s image and to publicize your products and services.

G&J Corporation has highly trained staff. Our Design department will create creative concepts to impact your customers.



Branding, corporate identity, logo design and image applications

It is the physical manifestation of the brand. It refers to the Visual aspects of an organization identity. This corporate identity is directly related with the following attributes:-history or trajectory of the company, projects and corporate culture, i.e. how things are done. It is represented by a logo and a few master guidelines that represent your brand as a company.

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